In today’s world there are plenty of options for high quality weapons-mounted lighting. Flashlight training both independently and in conjunction with mounted lights for low light, no light conditions remains an essential tool for any gun owner. It is paramount to understand how to implement proper techniques as they pertain to your environment and level of threat.

Learning how to incorporate your flashlight when it comes to navigating around obstacles in an open space, is critical to survival in a hostile environment. Understanding the use of cover, angles, obstacles and barricades will drastically minimize your exposure to a threat.

Knowing when to turn your flashlight on and off is critical. Proper light usage while painting a path to get to your next objective, working in a team or by oneself, will either save your life and the life of others or severely diminish your chances of living, if not properly trained.

Our 911 Academy Tactical Pistol Low Light, No Light, Flashlight Training will give you the skills and tools required to accomplish these goals and ensure your preparedness if the situation arises.