1. Always keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you Identify your threat.
  2. Never enter a close-quarter battle (CQB) environment with your finger on the trigger.
  3. Always have a good target ID before firing your weapon and always know what is beyond your target before firing your weapon.
  4. Treat every weapon as if it is loaded.
  5. If your weapon has safety, always keep your weapon on safe until you’re ready to fire.
  6. Always have a firm grip on your firearm,  hold the pistol with 60% pressure with your left hand & 40% pressure with your right hand.
  7. Never slap the trigger of any firearm, and your finger never leaves the trigger until all threats are down and it is safe.
  8. Always make sure you have a good trigger reset, this will allow you to fire your weapon faster without any extra slack in the trigger.
  9. Always bring the gun to your head, not your head to the gun. This will help ensure good sight alignment and sight picture.
  10. The difference between point of aim and point of impact.
    1. Point of Aim (POA) this pertains to the target or threat you are looking at when aiming your weapon while using good sight alignment and sight picture
    2. Point of Impact (POI) is where your bullet impacts your target or threat.
  11. Muzzle offset- This is the difference in height between your front sight post and your muzzle, which will affect your point of impact (POI) depending on whether you are using a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.
  12.  In a home invasion always know the capabilities of your weapon and your ammunition. This helps to ensure you don’t over-penetrate your walls or impact someone walking by outside or another family member in your home.
  13. If confronted at gunpoint and you feel your life is in imminent danger, close the distance and disarm the threat. Only do this if you are properly trained. Get trained in our 911Academy’s Hand to Hand Urban Defense Class. Knowledge is Empowerment, Which Creates Confidence.
  14.  When loading your pistol always bring your pistol into your workspace (explained in Drawing a Pistol in 6 Easy Steps ), just below your line of sight. While indexing your magazine, load it into your magazine well firmly and slingshot your slide with your weak hand. Next, do a press check to ensure you have a round in the chamber. Then pull on your magazine to make sure you do not have a failure to feed.
  15.  When clearing a double feed from either a pistol or rifle always lock the bolt to the rear first and then remove the magazine and clear the jam
  16. When clearing a stovepipe, always tap the magazine from the bottom, and rack your slide as you roll your weapon to the right slightly. TAP, RACK, ROLL.