Use of Force Pertaining to the California Penal Code – 3-4 Hours

This class focuses on your legal rights as an American citizen to protect yourself and your family if you feel your lives are in immediate danger. This could be during an active shooter situation, a mugging, a home invasion or a terrorist act. We will discuss in depth, the new California gun & ammunition laws, including carry concealed weapon (CCW).

Course Objectives:
  • Identifying What Is Self-Defense
  • Identifying Your Legal Rights/ Responsibilities
  • Identifying Serious Bodily Injury
  • Identifying Deadly Force
  • Identifying What Constitutes Deadly Force
  • Identifying The Federal, State & Local Statues/ Regulations
  • Elements of Self-Defense
  • Identifying Reasonably Believed Threat
  • Identifying Reasonable Prudent Person Standard
  • Identifying An Immediate Threat
  • Identifying Amount of Force Necessary To Stop The Threat
  • Understanding of What Imperfect Self–Defense Is
  • Do I Have A Duty To Retreat
  • Identifying Castle Doctrine
  • Defense of Property
  • Transferred Intent
  • Possible Criminal Offenses
  • Identifying Self Defense Weapons
  • Wobbler
  • Identifying Which Steps To Take After Shooting In Self-Defense
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