Special Forces Green Beret


Jeff Sandoval is a former U.S. Army 3rd group Special Forces Green Beret, Charlie demo expert

· Combat tours (2008, 2009 Iraq) (Afghanistan 2011, 2013, 2014)

· During Jeff’s career, he was fortunate enough to work alongside outstanding leaders training afghan special forces and their local police force.

· Jeff performed countless combat missions throughout Iraq and Afghanistan in search of High Valued Targets (HVT’S)

· Planned and conducted range SOP’S for the M-4, Glock 9mm, berretta 9mm, 249/240b, 50 calM2, Mk19, SCAR 16/17.

· Instructed multiple classes on reaction to direct and indirect fire from mounted and dismounted Vehicles.

· Created SOP’S for improvised explosive device (IED) strikes, to include IED/ mine detection.

· High Altitude, Low Opening (HALO) Experienced parachutist.

· Multiple Air assault (fast rope), missions

· Planned and wrote various mission statements for 3rd group A team, organized and planned routes for multiple vehicle convoys.

As a Green Beret, my primary missions:

  • Unconventional warfare
    Foreign internal defense
    Special reconnaissance
    Direct action

Other roles:

  • Counter-proliferation
    Hostage rescue
    Information operations
    Humanitarian missions
    Security forces assistance