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Sunday, June 5th at South Bay Rod and Gun Club

What is Tactical Pistol Level 1?

This firearms training course focuses on pistol fundamentals. This will enable you to become a safe gun owner for yourself and your family. We will work on your stance, pistol grip, sight alignment, sight picture, front sight focus, and much more.

Course Objectives:

  • Participants Will be Shooting Both Live Fire & Air-soft Pistols
  • Pistol Weapon Familiarization
  • 8 Steps in The Cycle of Operation
  • Proper Way To Load a Magazine
  • Indexing Your Magazine Into Magazine Well
  • How to hold your Magazines during home invasion
  • Static Shooting Only
  • Pistol Work Space
  • Pistol Grip
  • Trigger Squeeze
  • Sight Alignment
  • Sight Picture
  • Front Sight Focus
  • Proper Shooting Stance
  • Weak Arm Shooting
  • Strong Arm Shooting
  • Stoppage Drills
  • Combat Re-loads
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Learn the skills every gun owner must know

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Your instructor…

Chad Talbot Founder of san diego 911 academy


Chad is a former Naval Special Warfare, SWCC operator who specialized in providing small-caliber gunfire support on specialized high-tech, high-speed, and low profile Surface Combatant Craft to secretly infiltrate and ex-filtrate Navy SEALs on Special Operations missions worldwide.

Chad is also a Former Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection Instructor – For U.S. Navy

And, a former Protection Security Specialist (PSS) for the Department of State (DOS)

Chad is passionate about educating all Americans in the life saving tools which enable them to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Chad’s unique way of disseminating information about firearms training and safety is lifechanging for all students who attend his classes.

Will ammunition be provided?2022-05-25T21:11:08-07:00

Unfortunately no, 911 Academy does not provide ammunition.

Who is Tactical Pistol level One designed for?2022-05-20T16:29:38-07:00

Tactical Pistol Level One is designed for individuals who are looking to learn pistol fundamentals & pistol safety or for shooters who just need a good refresher.

What happens if I can’t make it after booking?2022-05-20T16:34:50-07:00

Our 911 Academy team will gladly work with you to reschedule the next available class or give you a credit to select a course of your choosing for a later date.

How will Tactical Pistol Level 1 benefit me?2022-05-20T16:07:27-07:00

Tactical Pistol Level One will provide you with the pistol fundamentals needed to be a safe and effective gun owner.

Will ammunition be provided?2022-05-20T16:01:49-07:00

Unfortunately no, 911 Academy does not provide ammunition.

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Learn the skills every gun owner must know

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FREEBIES From us to youEverything you needand more

  • Free water and sunscreen
    $20 Value
  • Free targets
    $30 Value
  • All airsoft firearms and equipment usage for the day
    $35 Value
  • Access to 911 Academy private Facebook group
    Priceless Value
Chad is a great guy who showed my team and I how to react to an active shooter. I really appreciate what him and his team showed us.
Chris Soriano
“The one on one instruction was great for me to sharpen tactics and technique. Shooting at the range is one thing, but actually learning scenario based training while working with instructors and a team is irreplaceable.
James Murray
I was able to overcome my fears around firearms and gained Confidence, Knowledge and Empowerment, through the patience & guidance of 911 ACADEMY’S Instructor, Paul Wayman.
Daisy Sanchez
911 academy was one of the best firearms training schools that I ever went through. Being a 20 year military veteran and have gone through many shooting schools…911 academy changed the way I shoot and re-train myself from what they introduced me too..I was welcomed with opened arms and really feel like part of a family with them (911 academy). The owner Chad Talbot is a well seasoned warrior who brings his life experiences to the training and is also very humble throughout the training.
By far the best training I personally went though. Great job chad and team of 911 academy. Hope you guys enjoyed the pizza! Very much earned!
Glen L.

Chad and his seasoned staff are absolutely top-notch.  With an emphasis on safety, they coached my shooting style and helped correct bad habits that I didn’t even know I had. Although mostly ex-military, the environment was light and fun.  These men a true bad-asses and very experienced in what they do.  I went from knowing how to fire my weapon to shooting extremely accurate with both hands in a few hours.  If you want AFFORDABLE, informative, and fun (different positions, around obstacles/cover, etc.) instruction 911 Academy is the place to do it!
I’m looking forward to my next excursion with these gentlemen.

Marc Cheney
The experience I had at 911 Academy was life changing, for the simple fact that I have always had preconceived notions about guns and have always been afraid of them. A friend recommended I attend this training. I took my 14 year old daughter and my 11 year old son. As we arrived, I could just tell that I just had to let go and trust me and my family to Chad and his team. The organization, the structure, the humbleness, the teamwork/unity, the focus on respect/safety and the knowledge and experience of these highly trained individuals was mind-blowing. Bottom line, you will spend 70% learning and 30% engaging; not only in how to fire a weapon, but the notion of when and how and that’s after you analyze your surroundings and threats. All this in 4 hours. Ultimately, the learning me and my kids received was priceless. Thank you 911 Academy!
Julio Flores

To be your best you have to learn from the best

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